"Weeding" and Application Tape:

When you select our Do-It-Yourself Weed and Tape Yourself option, we will cut out your lettering for you and ship it to you without removing the extra vinyl or adding application tape. You will need to "Weed and Tape" your lettering before you install it. (You will need to provide your own masking tape when selecting this option.)

Weeding the Vinyl

Weeding is the process of removing the unwanted vinyl from in between your letters and around its edges.

Vinyl Lettering ready to weed
Weeding around the edges
Weeding the centers of the lettering
Weeding the center of a letter

Taping the Vinyl

The next step is setting up the vinyl lettering for transfer to your surface. This is done by placing masking tape on the face of the letters to completely cover the piece you are working with.

Adding Application Tape
Taping the Letters
Ready to install

When you install the lettering, remove the backing and the vinyl letters will stick to the application tape with the adhesive side exposed. You then simply apply your lettering onto your chosen surface and remove the application tape.

Sound like your type of hands-on project? Then our Do-It-Yourself option may be just what you're seeking.