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Boat name

Very easy to install.

Pontoon boat lettering.

Great quality from what we can tell so far. Colors came as pictured online.

Name & hailing port on the stern of our sailboat $ name on each side of the bow.

Very user friendly website with the best selection of fonts we found. We did not want a run of the mill don’t.

Port and starboard side advertising of my charter boat 2360CC Sailfish center console.

Everyone feels that it looks very good. Should be easily visible in the harbor as well as out in Nantucket sound.

Lettering on a boat

Very easy to design, order and install.

R/C f1 race boats

Awesome easy user friendly. I've got more projects planed I'll be back. AAA+

Our Boat

Could not be happier. Very easy to design, order, and apply. Great quality


Thank you. Wanted to give local business a go. However no responses. So I was capable enough to handle myself. Very easy to use web sight and came right away. I will be keeping you on file for next time. Alex

My Sailboat Transom

I had just painted the transom of my boat myself with two-part epoxy for the first time.. I was going to hire a "professional" to do the lettering as I thought that's just what you do. I scheduled an appointment with the guy and he never showed up at the marina. When he did decide to show up, he told me it was going to be weeks and it would be about $500. $500 Dollars? Really? I thought, I'm a pretty handy guy, maybe I can letter it myself. I started searching the internet for boat lettering and stumbled across . The staff was so helpful over the phone and helped me with the correct font size and answered all my questions about installation. He told me if I screwed the whole thing up that he would replace the decal for FREE. I suddenly felt an heir of confidence, so after a crash training session over the phone on installation, I ordered the name and hailing port. I ordered online and had it sent next day air as I couldn't control myself. I was really excited to do the job. The installation was incredibly easy. I used the method of wetting everything down so I could re-position the lettering to make it straight, etc. Everyone on the dock was so impressed with my work, I have three people that want to pay me to do theirs. Since I have absolutely no time for other people's boat projects, I gladly gave them the web-site address and told them to call Doityourselfboatlettering for moral support. Everything cost me about $43 including shipping to do the entire job. Installation - 30 minutes. Don't pay someone to do this. You can create your own custom design and the self satisfaction of a job well done. Just do exactly as they tell you and you too can be a professional boat letterer such as I. Goldie's Skipper - (Thomas)

Door front

You have provided the lettering for my last 4 boats. I can only say thank you for the quality of product at a great price.

My boat cf number

Amazing product and delivered to my house extremely fast!!!!

Boat name and lettering

Design tools, materials, cost, and install all met my expectations!

My bass boat

The product could not be any more top-quality. I am extremely happy with the entire process from start to finish. I will definitely be using this company again when it's time to stencil the pontoon boat.

My boat

I made a mistake on ordering my boat letters at 2 inches rather than 3 inches and Shwn emailed me before processing the order and double checked to make sure what I wanted. To his credit I ordered it wrong and I appreciate the service. Thanks Shawn!

Boat name

The product and instructions were great!

Chilly1 Explorer. Chilly2 Expedition. 1 Pontoon boat, 2 jet-skis

Have had great service n success from your product. I have more planned but dealing with health issues right now. Thx again. Chilly Willy #1 Karaoke Host in Mohave County Az. BJs home of CW

Boat name

Love the many choice of fonts, the option to arch it, and size it.

Boat name & number's

Arrived so early after order. So easy to install. Colors are popping. Service help me through the whole process. I will do business again. Thanks so much for the product & help!!!

Radio Controlled,(R/C) fast electric outboard racing tunnel boat

The lettering and numbers on my little R/C race boat are just awesome, really sets it off perfect, now it looks professionally done. Working on another R/C boat will be back for more.

Registration number on my ProCraft fishing boat.

Excellent product. Really looks nice. I recommend this co. for your lettering needs. Very easy to order and they ship fast. A+++Co.

Back of my boat.

Great probuct. I purchased 3 inch lettering for my boat. Straight forward instructions and easy to install. Excellent quality.

to apply to RTic coolers. Sorry. Don't have pics and the coolers are on boats/at vacation homes....

Good stuff. Easy to use. High quality. Would recommend to friends (enthusiastically) and will definitely use again.

Boat lettering

This is the 3rd boat that I've used, great shipping, low costs, easy to apply and it looks great! I will always use DIY lettering for anything that needs a name.


Ty for the phone consultation. The lettering came out perfect!!! We love it!!! Doing another boat now

Charter boat

Lettering was nice, easy to install, just have one little tear in the bottom of the A in change on stern.

Boat Name

We bought a little row boat to paddle around the neighborhood and enjoyed ourselves at the naming and launch ceremony. Here's our newest addition...


I called customer service with some questions and they were so helpful & knowledgeable. I would definitely use them again, in fact I am ordering shirts for a family reunion in the near future.

Placing a name on both sides of our 19' sailboat.

While it is too soon to tell how long the lettering will last, as of now I am very satisfied with this product. It was easy to apply and a very good value.

Boat name

Why name a boat "not easy"? Because it's not-- with one exception--getting and installing boat lettering from Do It Yourself Great prices, great service, great product and a installation guarantee that can't be beat. Highly recommended and it was easy.

Boat names on models

Quality always excellent even with very small lettering.

Boat registration numbers

EXCELLENT! Great product at a great price and great service - a 10 all around! Highly recommend!

side and transom on 34' trawler.

I've done decals on my boats in the past but never as easy and simple as this time. The masking tape hinge and a couple of scissored separations in the long decal and it was as smooth an operation as could be desired. I'm looking around for something else to decal!

Boat decal

Very helpful customer service with quick delivery of boat decal.

Registration lettering on our boat.

Perfect for our application. Quickly made and delivered, great customer service, and a very nice and neat product.