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Fast and easy to design, order, and install.

Great product.

Basic knowledge of applying decals is helpful, but not required. I watched a youtube video of the process and used some glass cleaner to help me apply the decal. It worked awesome. Local sign shops wanted double, DIY lettering is a bargain!!

Quick delivery Easy to install Looks great

I could not be happier with everything about ordering the product. Cust service is 2nd to none!

The website was a breeze to use. The product came in a timely manner. Just put a couple of drops of dish soap in a water bottle and had the lettering on my boat in a matter of minutes. Give it about 30 minutes and peel the top mask off...........and look at what you did, for a fraction of having a sign company do it for you. Plus you get the thrill of telling all your friends "I did it myself".

This product is inexpensive, easy to use, easy to apply, and quick to order. My most difficult task was selecting the font I wanted. And it adds just the personal touch I'd hoped for. Now we'll see how it holds up over time.

I have recommended you to 2 of my buddies and will continue to do so.

Very good service


Quick and easy! Easy to order, easy to apply.

Easy to design, lots of options, and the quickest shipping I have seen from any online site, that you didnt have to pay extra for. Love the finished product, just what we wanted!

The lettering made a great final touch to a new paint job. It will be another month to get into the water here in Seattle; then I'll see how much notice it draws. Thanks for a really good product.

Will send pics when complete

The graphics were exactly what I was looking for. I needed to cover the existing registration numbers that were painted on. The only issue I had was trying to align the graphics with the top of the hull. The vinyl does not stretch so there is a slight bow in the numbers. I can live with that.

Customer service is the best. They really went out of their way to take care of me.

The product didnt work as advertised. After reading the directions several times and being as careful as I could be it didnt work. The first layer would not release fully from the letters and psrts stuck to each letter tearing paper off in a laye so the letters would not stick to the boat.

Worked out wonderfully. And when I revarnished my boat this winter and had to remove the name I was able to replace the lettering at minimal cost.

The DIY Lettering site is really easy to use and has an excellent choice of fonts and custom features... the best I've ever seen. Cool site.

We used the recommended "wet" application method first, and did the top line first -- but had the second line already taped in place, so it got wet, and was ruined. You really should warn people about this! We called and requested replacement lettering (offered for free if the customer doesn't have great results the first time), and were delighted to receive the new lettering very quickly. We used the dry installation method, and that worked just great for us. Thank you for a fine product, and an outstanding guarantee of satisfaction, backed by outstanding customer service!

Needed color not on the website. They sent other color samples that they stocked. I was able to get the exact color I needed.

Great product. Amazing variety of fonts and options available. Very fast service and affordable pricing. Thanks

Here's the flic of the custom graphic you made for me. Great job as always.

This is the best company that I have used for lettering. I did have a problem with the backing sticking and peeling on some letters (which wasn't anyones fault) but I contacted Ben Handy and he sent out a new set as a replacement with no problems at all. Great customer service and super fast shipping. I will be recommending this to company to everyone I know.

I ordered the original lettering for the back of my boat and was so happy with the results, that I ordered a mini version of the name to put on the inside of the boat. The pictures will have to wait until Spring when I can de-winterize the boat actually apply the lettering. :-)

Easy to use website. Would have been nice to get a tracking number for my order.

Applied easily, didn't pull up. Cut crisply and cleanly. Look absolutely fabulous!

The new lettering looks GREAT on our boat. We found the website easy to use and to make adjustments in sizing before placing our order. The prices were far better in comparison to other websites we had looked and we will deffinitly use your services and products again in the future. Very satisfied customer, thank you. Mike

Installation was easy! You may want to mention that small air bubbles will go away after a few weeks, mine did! Roy Handy was very repsonsive to my email.

I was very pleased with our purchase. Due to my own inexperience I made a small error in the installation the first time. I took advantage of your warranty and got a replacement decal which went on perfectly. Thank you!

I'm a klutz and this job turned out great. Do It Yourself Lettering made my experience enjoyable and fairly pain free - not fault of theirs. You do this yourself, I'm proof!

Very, very pleased!

The whole process, from ordering to placement, was effortless!

Really easy to order and great customer service. I made a mistake with my first installation and they sent me a new order in a couple of days. You can not go wrong with this company!!

So far so good as far as durability - the blue lettering really compliments with the rest of the blue on our boat.