Review for: Vinyl Lettering


Brian Canfield

I had some issues trying to match what I saw online on another helmet. Your tech was very helpful in assisting me. The name I picked was CANFIELD as shown in pic. The one I was trying to match was CHRISTIAN. Mine seem to have been larger on the ends and narrower towards the middle. I was wanting same size all the way across and bold. Basically identical to the one that says CHRISTIAN. I was shooting for something that is bold and an eye catcher. Not so much so on my helmet. I dont know what else I could do to get it to match the CHRISTIAN helmet. Any ideas from your department would be great. I would still like to match the CHRISTIAN helmet design if possible. If you can come up with a way to match it please contact me because I would like to have name on my helmet as big and bold as name on his helmet. THANK YOU!