Review for: Vinyl Lettering


Tracy Evans Laguna Niguel, CA

I received my signage. The font I ordered was script. When I opened up the product, I was devastated by what I saw. The lower part of the "S" on the end of my name (Evans) was totally disengaged from the rest of the signage. Basically, it was ripped off and not even attached to the other letters. Again, all letters were in script font. There are bubbles, seams and creases and raised lines through out my name and it looks beyond horrible. I'm so upset because I needed this sign for tomorrow as I am having my art show with about 350 guests. I tried as best as I could to get it to look as good as possible. I want a replacement of exactly what I ordered, free of charge. I want you to ship it "flat" as oppossed to how it was shipped before: "rolled up." This may have been why there were lines and bubbles even before I took off any of the covering. I cannot explain why half of the "S" was ripped apart. The money I spent for the product I received, plus the fact I had it shipped over night, was not worth it. Putting together an art show is stressful enough, but to have to deal with this sort of catastrophe is the last thing I should have to worry about. Please make this right. Sincerely, Theresa (Tracy) Evans