Review for: Vinyl Lettering


Russell Jones East Bethel, MN, USA

Your web site leaves much to be desired. I can do MUCH better using MS Word to produce my request, and ended up sending you the Word file to fill my request. I\'m embarrassed to upload you a picture of the project because I screwed up on it. My label was on two lines at two different fonts. While you did a good job at recreating the words, you sent them to me as TWO SEPARATE labels rather than together as ONE decal with the spacing preset as in the Word File I sent you. If I wanted two separate decals I would have specified that. I am perfectly capable of cutting them in two should I desire two separate decals. Consequently I was not able to install them as symmetrically as I had liked. Furthermore, your method of using tape as a hinge may work nice on a flat surface, but caused a major nightmare on the curved surface I was working with. Next time I will use Kinko\'s as they produce the decal in two different fonts on two different lines but on a single decal!