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Alberto Catania, Hollywood, Florida, USA

I had to order the name three times due to my learning mistakes. First of all the name is very small and with serifs!!! When dealing with something that small you have to forget the standard way of installing. Remove the back paper totally AND in the direction of the serifs, never against it(my first two mistakes) I used the remaining label to learn how to do it and applied it to a piece of paper. Confident that the second time will be the winner, I order them again, but I forgot to check the proper lenght.... Third time was the charmer.

replacing old faded lettering on a signpost
Elizabeth, Bloomfield Hills, USA

The instructions for installation on the website were spot on. The lettering installed with ease and looks awesome. I plan on using them for my future lettering needs.

Dressing up my Colorado P/U
Peter Kaschuluk, Westerly, RI

Product and result were excellent., I will definitely order more when the need arises and recommend you to my friends.

ATV license plate.
Donny, Wisconsin, USA

Easy to order, easy to apply.

Address sign
Jamie, Denton, TX

Easy to use and has held up great in hot and wet weather.

Our 1965 Vintage camper
Jane Thibeault, New Hampton, NH

I have told many people about your site. Great choices and super fast shipping. I will be purchasing more in the future.

Personalization of my billiards cue case.
Jeremy C. Amen, (Heyburn, ID)

My lettering that I ordered was supposed to be my first and second initials and my last name "J.C. AMEN", in bone style lettering. When it arrived the top horizontal piece in the letter "E" was completely missing. The rest was in tact, tho, so I used scissors and cut out a piece of the paper that the rest of the lettering was attached to in the shape/size of the missing piece and glued it to the cue case. It looks ok, but I was dissapointed that I had to improvise at all.

A nostalgic race helmet honoring my brother
Carl, Mt Airy,

Great product Thank you

Custom front license plate.
Doug T, Detroit, MI

As you can see, your lettering still looks great after survivng both Michigan road salt and half of a REALLY hot summer. Great product, great service, and pretty darned fair pricing..I'll be back for my next lettering job.

Numerals for Batting helmet
John S, Weirton, West Virginia USA

I loved the site and will use it again

Tattooing my first motorcycle
Monica, Lakewood, OH

I am so proud of my new Suzuki Boulevard but I wanted to add a piece of myself to it. I named her Pandora because she was purchased when Curiosity landed on Mars (Pandora was curious, right?). I went straight to the internet to find some way to make a decal for the bike. I went on a bunch of websites but they were difficult to maneuver and were not professional at all. DIY Lettering was fun and easy to use, both in ordering and in putting it on the bike. When I found the Buffied Font, the decision was made! I will definitely come back for more decals for our other bike, helmets, etc. I can't wait to show it off and get my friends and family on this site!

Walter, Freson, Ca, USA

I now understand that if you apply the letters to a surface that has been saturated with mildly soapy water, then hold the letters in place and squeegie the water out, you can have perfect placement of the letters on your vessel. This was not specified in the instructions.

We used our DIY Lettering on our passenger van for our canoe/kayak rental company.
Matthew, Grove City Ohio

FIY Lettering was very easy to order online, and arrived within a couple days of ordering. It was very easy to apply and looks great on our van!

High School Marching Band Trailer
Ohio Band Dad, Columbus, Ohio

You are my hero. We were out of time and money to put the School's Name on the new band trailer. From design to applying was easy. Shipping and customer service was top notch. Not to mention the price was GREAT! Thank you.

A sign for my gate.
Trish, albuquerque, NM

Wonderful! thanks just what i needed just when i needed it.

The back of my '93 Saturn

I liked the layout of your site and the ordering and or preview was ecellent!

Megaphones for cheerleaders
M King, Texas

Wpnderful customer service and product

Number for my race helmet.
James Flagg, Blackstone, MA

Numbers look good and are easy to apply. I sent four photos via email. The survey would only allow me to attach one.

New 150 pound mail box.
, Jay

Waiting for the reflectivity test tonight.

To make a street sign indicating which house numbers were located on our dirt road.
Claudia, Redwood Valley, California

Using the website was easy. Applying the lettering was very easy. Great job. Thanks.

Cornhole Boards
Rick Geltz, Fort Worth, TX

I love your is so easy!!!

for my toolbox
Steve harper, canton, IL

Use any of these pics if you so choose

To provide lettering to post and parcel box
Tracy Berry, UK

I ordered the lettering from American due to cost and quality and am really pleased with the results.

Our Mail boxhouse number
Kimmi, Federl Way WA, USA

Awesome job we love it! Mail man too!

Sign for our retail store
Stephanie Durst, Bethany, OK

This is the second time I have used DIY Lettering and we love the quick shipping, how easy it is to maneuver around the site and the quality of the product.

Bicycle customization and restoration
Bret Abbott

DIY Lettering was a great company to work with to finish my bicycle customization and restorations. I look forward to using their services again.

I made a couple of sign for a co-worker's farm business.
Donna Morse - Crow Creek Pottery and Signs, Corvallis, OR

These signs turned out pretty good, I thought. The lettering was easy and made the work so much faster. I could concentrate more on the artwork and didn't have to worry about hand-lettering. I did hand-letter the word "and", but so glad I didn't have to hand-letter everything! Fast turn-around and wonderful customer service. I'll be contacting you again!

Nursery decoration
Mike and April, Orlando, FL

This lettering was extremely easy to install, which was my main worry. The product shipped quickly, was packaged securely, and we're extremely happy with the results!

I have a huge art show on Saturday. The lettering (my name) was to be over a large selection of my paintings.
Tracy Evans, Laguna Niguel, CA

I received my signage. The font I ordered was script. When I opened up the product, I was devastated by what I saw. The lower part of the "S" on the end of my name (Evans) was totally disengaged from the rest of the signage. Basically, it was ripped off and not even attached to the other letters. Again, all letters were in script font. There are bubbles, seams and creases and raised lines through out my name and it looks beyond horrible. I'm so upset because I needed this sign for tomorrow as I am having my art show with about 350 guests. I tried as best as I could to get it to look as good as possible. I want a replacement of exactly what I ordered, free of charge. I want you to ship it "flat" as oppossed to how it was shipped before: "rolled up." This may have been why there were lines and bubbles even before I took off any of the covering. I cannot explain why half of the "S" was ripped apart. The money I spent for the product I received, plus the fact I had it shipped over night, was not worth it. Putting together an art show is stressful enough, but to have to deal with this sort of catastrophe is the last thing I should have to worry about. Please make this right. Sincerely, Theresa (Tracy) Evans

Numbers on the side of a replica University of Alabama football helmet I made for a friend
Ed Williamson, Jacksonville, Florida

Product was exactly as ordered, arrived on time, and was easy to apply.

People that can read.
Clark, NM, USA

Excellent Product - Price reflects value. Website is exactly what I wanted as it allows me to see my design in multiple, easy to change images. is spot on! Just look at my pictures with the vinyl "964" numbers in orange. Clark

made ILOVEHONDA for the windshield of my new civic
Jerome, Lafayette, USA

This is by far the best site I have found for the do-it-yourselfer. Excellent quality. I will purchase from here again.

Lettering for amp project
Jason Deal

Easy to apply, and worked perfectly. My new custom decal shop!!