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I added , "We are the 1%" to a Bank of America sign.
Wayne Christensen, Sonora, CA

Produce as advertised. Excellent quality.

I built this racer this winter and your product was the finishing touch

I have to say that the website was easy to use to make the lettering perfect.

Lettering on a custom pool table cover. We layed the lettering on top of the paint and then sealed it into the table with poly.
Erik W, Orlando, FL USA

The lettering was superb! Easy to work with, and the finished product, I could not be happier with!

Baby Nursery with vintage Chris Craft Theme.
Mike Walsh, Boston, MA, USA

Ordered online and it shipped very quickly. Vinyl Lettering was exactly what others on vintage Chris Craft forums recommended.

my now even sweeter bicycle
JM, San Francisco, USA

I was really impressed with the simplicity of designing something, the options and customizability, the price, and the quality. So glad I found this company!

A bumper label
Rachel Fennell, Boston, MA

The application was not difficult and it looks great! It looks like a professional did it.

Rafting helmet
Earl Jorgensen, Urban WhiteWater Pirates, Mosinee, USA

I have been using Do-It Yourself Lettering from the beginning of this project and love the idea of reflective decals as a option. I have one more design on order and then this helmet is ready for spring rafting. Thank you!

All of my vintage ride on toys, vintage bicycles, wagons ect
Daniel Sullivan, Bridgeport, NY

Here is the photobucket link to my projects using your lettering. Http://

To promote my Roller Derby League
Angie Wilson, Tulsa, OK

The lettering came out great. Super easy to install, and very durable. I will be odering here again.

front hall way and then the other is in the boys room
Clerissa Lewis, Orem, UT

Amazing quality and service. Lightening fast shipping. Thank you SO much, I am already planning my next purchase and have family asking for the referral. Thank you.

My son's helment (for plagiocephaly)
Lisa, San Jose, CA

I was very happy with the product and especially the customer service.

rebadging my Land Rover
Dave, Elizabethtown, PA

Simply amazing.The online viewer allowed me to match the factory Land Rover font perfectly!

Construction Trailer
Kenny Milan, The Kitchen Magician, Houston, TX

I had procrastinated about putting the lettering on my trailer because I was concerned about the final result. I should have done it sooner because it was incredibly easy and the result looks great! Thanks!

I used the decals for a mountain bike project.
Marty, Loveland, CO USA

Thanks! The decals are just what I wanted to make my project complete and unique.

Registration Markings on a LS8-18 Glider
Paul Oakley, Perth, Western Australia

Great quality product and customer service, at a price cheaper than I could find in Australia. Letters adhered well creating an aerodynamic finish. They look awesome on my glider.

Shawn, Thomas

Awesome. recommended to friends already

One bicycle and two scooters
Shawn, Texas

SO very easy to design even for the smallest projects that and details were perfect even on very small items.

Paint masking for a bike frame I built.
Starr Cycles, New Jersey, USA

I used the lettering I ordered as paint masking for a bike frame I built. They worked out great and the quality is good enough that I would have used the lettering instead of paint of it hadn't worked as masking.

Kitchen backsplash Decoration
Sara Russell

Will send in separate email....use personal address for any contacts please

Pillars in our schools atrium.
Julie, St. Paul, MN

Great Product! Easy to install! Excellent price for the quality product you receive.

Toy Box
Marietta Neathery, Nashville, TN

Wise choice in having the lettering "weeded" by you. My lettering was done in a matter of minutes.

Front door of Lodge Hall, to show name of our fraternal group, and also to display our address.
Sherra Kinder, Secretary, Ocoee Lodge No. 97, IOOF,

OVERALL, VERY PLEASED WITH THIS COMPANY, ITS SERVICE, AND THEIR PRODUCT!!! They make it simple to install. It adheres well the first time you place it too! (So have it right where you want it and make sure you get the bubbles out as you go.) They were very helpful to offer a service to import a file I had available, that wasn't compatiable to the format they needed. So for a small fee, they converted it to the appropriate file type for them to do our "three link" emblem. We really appreciate them doing that! Lodge members really like the lettering as well. It has also been helpful as out of town members come to our building as this is the only signage on our new building. Thank you for such a great quality product!

Advertising my new business on my automobile :)
Rebecca Tennanat, ~ The fun company for seniors ~ San Jose, CA 95118

I loved the staff at this company! Very customer service orientated and on the ball. This is a place where kindness is shown and charater is visible. Thank you for all of your efforts, I love my vinyls.

For commercial signage on a trailer.
Robert Gray, Owner, Gray's Home and Business Services, Cape Cod, MA

Very impressed with the product quality and fast shipping.

I built a robot for my grandson and wanted to put the name of the robot on it that looked professionally done as well as had a "Star Wars" look to it...that could be done quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost. I found "Do It Yourself Lettering" to fully meet all of these prerequisites!
Billy Kreider, Upland, Indiana

Since I put a lot of time and expense in building a robot for my grandson as a Christmas gift I wanted to put the name of the robot on it that looked professionally done as well as had a "Star Wars" look to it and at the same time that could be done quickly, easily and at a reasonable cost. I found "Do It Yourself Lettering" to fully meet all of these prerequisites!!! I found your website extremely easy to use to design just the right look and effect that I wanted. I was also very pleased at the low cost and your willingness to do such a small order. Thank you so much, it looks great and it was the perfect finishing touch to "SEMAJ", which is my grandson's name (James) spelled backwards. I definitely recommend your product and service to anyone who is wanting a vinyl lettering project done for them. Thank you again.

I have been ordering vinyl to make christmas ornaments!
Megan Baker, Kettering, Ohio

I LOVE IT! The website is very easy to use and I love the do-it-yourself option! I appreciate being able to save money anyway I can. My ornaments have been selling like crazy thanks to! Feel free to visit my shop too Http:// !

bicycle decal
Samuel, chicago USA

This is a great site. I had pretty much total control of what it was I wanted. The template is easy to use. I was so pleased with the quality of what showed up. Thank you so much Brad Handy for obviously creating a successful site. I will use this company again without a doubt.

Mail box
L. Baker, Duvall, WA

My first order was delivered and it was beautiful but I misunderstood the sizing and when I mentioned it to them they re-did it and sent no charge. Great company and I will use them again.

Advertise our on line business on our auto.
Pat & Tim Becker, Fort Wayne, IN

We were very pleased with the end results.

a loby directory in the lobby of my school
Frank Lossmann, Brooklyn, NY, USA

I was really happy to find this site and even happier with product cost, assistance with my order, quality of the product

brand name on bicycle
Jarrett, Columbus, Ohio, USA

Easy to follow instructions, very simple!

We are the Pleasant Grove Wastewater Treatment Plant at the City of Roseville in California, and we have 68 light poles throughout our 10-acre plant. We needed to come up with a better system to differentiate the poles when a light went out. As you can see from one of the pictures, our "old" way was to put electrical tape around the pole when the light bulb burn out. Eventually the light bulb would get changed, but the tape did not get removed. Not a good system. Now we have a spreadsheet with the numbers of the light poles and can stay on top of which light bulbs need to be changed, and it's a lot easier. We decided to color-code the numbers to correspond with the four areas of the plant, and this will help with learning the boundaries of the four areas as well. We were attempting to be humorous in the first photo... "How many city employees does it take to change a light bulb?" We still don't know the answer to that question, but at least now we know which light bulb needs changing!
Pam W, City of Roseville, California

I really enjoyed all the choices I had to choose from; the fonts, the colors, and the quality of the labels. And, I feel the price was quite reasonable too. We were considering just going to the hardware store and buying individual (boring) numbers, but the options and convenience of shopping online at DIY was so much better, and the installation went very smoothly. I feel confident that these labels will withstand the weather here at our plant, and will be quite helpful when we need to change a light bulb.

Aircraft N number
Al J, Malvern, OH

Size, font, spacing & color selection was a relatively easy process. The graphic representation was very helpful when comparing possibilities.