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The website was so easy to use and exactly what I was looking for. I could not find a place to buy vinyl lettering locally and all of the sign shops required a $35 minimum. With such a small project the website was perfect to get exactly what I needed. I loved having so many color and font options. I will definitely be a repeat customer. Thank you!

They look nice, hope they apply well.

Good product! I would recommend!

Hope you like my finished products!!! I have 3 events coming up - will be ordering more letters

Easy to install. Accurate!

Worked well. Very affordable

Awsome customer service!

My order when I desing the decal I had selected a yellow background for the red letters , but what I recieved was just red letters alone. The completed desing submited for purchase showed that.

Definitely do business again if I need custom lettering. Great job!

The proofs I got were perfect, they clearly outlined what I was looking for exactly.

I was very pleased with the quality and the ease of applying the words - the best I have used. The only thing, I wish I could have had matte finish.

When it warm up I will put the rest of the Lettering on the other machinery that I repainted last year. This disk I just got done with....

I was very happy with the design process, shipping time, and quality of the piece. Absolutely excellent process. I chose DIY Lettering because other Internet lettering sites didn't have as many font options and I could not find just the right style on their sites.

Fantastic service and product!

Easy to order--great to work with and very affordable! Recommend without reservation!

You always do great work and the customer service is often stellar. This is my second job with you ... but this simple sign I sent to you was ignored for nearly 2 weeks. Roy caught it and emailed me to see if anyone had contacted me. Then things were put to right.

Excellent instructions that produced a flawless transfer the first time I used this product.

I really appreciated your professionalism & prompt service.

Excellent product and service! I really appreciate the ability to preview different combinations and get what I ordered in short time.

The only reason I listed quality as 'only' very good instead of excellent is because I can't install it yet and see how it performs over time. Check with me after April 2012, after I install it and it's been up for a year. As for the service to this point it's been excellent...The sign itself looks fantastic and working you on the design was easier than most other places I use. I only wish I could complete the entire process so that I can show it to you.

You make the process as easy as it can be! Thanks for not only your help but the speed in which the products are produced.

Great product and super easy to install.

The vinyl lettering I purchased from you is exactly what I was looking for. It provides a clean, eye-catching, professional appearance, and has attracted considerable attention and interest.

Our church has been in existence since 1948. We have grown over the years and God has enabled us to purchase an old shopping center that we are in the process of moving into. We have the benefit of some of the features left over from the stores that once occupied this space. Such is the case in which we used your product. Our fellowship hall was once a drug store and their built in sign still remained on the front of the building but was doing us no good. You might say it was actually an eyesore. We removed the plastic front from the sign and replaced it was a piece of frosted, tempered glass. We then used your lettering on the glass and are very pleased with the results. We have had heard many comments from folks that beleive we had the sign profesionally refurbished.

After a couple dry runs at developing the decal, the final product was almost exactly what I'd anticipated. The turnaround time was very fast.

I was very pleased with DIY The web-site was easy to use and once I ordered the product it arrived at my house within a few days. I would definitely use DIY lettering again for a professional edge to any project.

Great product and easy to use.

Fast, quick and easy, not only in ordering, but also in the application of the letters. Thanks

I would recommend you to anyone. Thanks again

You lettering has held up much better than I thought it would for the price

Absolutely professional results. Class all the way.

Excellent product and super easy to install!

Great product! I loved that I could do it myself rather than going to the local sign shop (and paying a lot more money).

I was really happy to discover your affordable products and services. After years of cutting out lettering out of different materials, I definitely plan to use your site for future projects.