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The lettering was perfect in every way. Matched perfect and the colors and quality were excellent.

Application went smoothly, too soon to comment on whether it is durable or not. Gives my equipment a good professional appearance.

Ordering and installation was very simple. Very pleased with the results.

I really enjoy the ease at which I can customize whatever message I want. I have become a happy and regular customer

I am very happy with your product and plan to order more in the future.

Great service and product

I don't have pics at this time , but I will e-mail. I am very pleased with the quality and the service I received. Thanks so much!

I had some problems to release the top protective layer as if it was stronger than the adhesive on the back of the lettering.Some letter srtrated to shift, etc. I installed vinyl before but this was unfortunate and I messed it up big time. I don't blame anyone but the results were catastrophic. Not worthed a picture taken unfortunately.

Excellent quality product. It was designed to go on a relatively flat surface but I applied it to the top tube of a bicycle which is both round and bent. I just let the flames go where they wanted and it looks great. I'll send you some pictures.

The site couldn't be easier to use; knowing exactly what your letters will look like prevents mistakes.

Excellent product, just as ordered, shipped quickly and very very easy to use.

Quick, easy, would definately use this again!!

This was perfect. They have been through rain and have not come off at all, they looked great in the package, and looked just as good on the bike. Completely correct measurements, especially since I had some oddball sizes so that they would fit perfectly. Phone service was also very friendly and helpful, which is one of the reasons I decided to go with DIYLettering

I hope this works- I had a little trouble getting the backing off and then getting the letters to adhere.

I had a non-standard request and a much longer file than the usual order, with custom art files. It took a few technical issues - and a bit longer than expected. had a few frustrating moments getting project status, mostly due to problems with the size and length of the file Being very different than the typical order But the final product was very high quality and looks AWESOME on the bus. Would recommend to others and will use again in the future as needs arise.

Thank you for the lettering. Vinyl is on the big wing and the little wing. The lettering had to go over rivets and had no problem there. I will definately use again.

Thanks Brad...

The lettering and number on the big wing is vinyl and the little wing is also vinyl. There were several rivets the vinyl went over and stuck with no problem. Thanx a million for the quality vinyl and the quick shipment. I will definitely use again. Thank you.

Quick service, great product, I really like the wide selection of colors and layering possible.

Great site. Easy to use. Will order from again. rated shipping bad because after diy lettering sent it out it took awhile for usps to get it to us. But very happy with our order.

Will definitely be using DIY Lettering in the future. Very happy with the product and the ease of ordering exactly what I want.

It would have saved me a phone call if it had been clearer as what the difference was between the "regular" product and installation versus the full do it yourself product and installation. I had no trouble and was highly satisfied with my installation once you gave me the pointers over the phone. Pictures and text of the two products and processes would have been much appreciated and would be more inviting to future customers that are wary of DIY projects. I would love to send pictures and will if I can mind my missing camera. I was able to custom "bend" a two work phrase by cutting the words into three/four letter pieces and applying the pieces to approximate the curve.

I was amazed at the ease of use and ordering. Expecially impressed with the preview allowed to create my signs. From a marketing standpoint DoItYourself is a professional approach to my ever changing needs.

Brad was very helpful and the product worked very well.

The letters worked out perfectly, they were the correct color and font that I requested and they were easy to transfer. Also they were done and delivered within a few days. My only complaint was that they were a little smaller than I expected, I asked for 4" letters and the letters were only about 3.5" tall.

Two of the canisters had Bread and Biscuits on them and I wanted to put something else in them so I designed new labels to make them look like the label on the "cracker" tin.

I ordered one set of letters and was sent 3, I assume because it was easy to do that and the order was a small one. A small bone to toss from your perspective, but as a sole proprietor that means a lot to me. I already have recommended you to several people. I'll be back, and keep up the good work!

Very quick turn on delivery. Pricing is fair. Quality of materials is excellent.

Had to reorder due to MY mistake on sizing. product is very good and easy to apply. Thanks! Will upload photo upon completion of project.

You were quite creative. thanks.

I like 'em.

Great looking product. I should have paid more attention to applying the decal as the S got a little wrinkled. I had to peel it up and reapply. The wrinkle was a result of trying to apply the entire decal to a curved surface. I've had lots of great comments on it.

Everyone was really impressed with the final product! They thought that I had ordered them specially made instead of putting the lettering on myself. I would definitely consider using this type of product for another project.

Great customer service! Super help and very fast service in assising me (a non-computer graphics type of person )in getting my letter done EXACTLY like I needed to have it. Thank you!

Excellent product. I really liked being able to do my own design, select font, size and color. Good installation instructions made it easy to apply. Very reflective also, makes it especially valuable after dark.