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9.6 / 10


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Great quality easy to use great pricing!

Loved the ease of designing the lettering and the ease of installation on my project!

If I had read all the directions....I would have had an easier time installing.

We love DIY Lettering. The customer service is top notch!

Fast and easy. Plenty of fonts , colors and styles to choose from.

DIY lettering has the best customer satisfaction guarantee. I bought 2 sets of lettering from them. One of the set that I installed didn't look good, it had so many bubbles. So emailed them about my problem and days later I received a replacement. I would definitely buy from them again. Thanks, DIY.

Exactly what we bought, went up great.

It came out great! Thank you.

The large sign went up well. I had some trouble with the name on the door(placed after photo). It ended up slightly slanted.

Great service, great product, easy installation, awesome results

It went on real easy, would have like it to go on the inside, but as long as it holds up I love it

Love the way the design process works. Really nice that once you put in your text and choose your color, you choose a category of font and then your project is showed in many fonts side by side. WAY better than clicking from one to the next. Also like that you donʻt struggle to pick a font size but rather the size of the project. The whole process is very visual, showing you just what you will be getting. Almost missed the Special Effect tab, but so glad I didnʻt. I choose ʻWaveʻ as it looks more casual and if I installed it a little crooked it would not matter.

Easy to do. Excellent product. Great price. Why go anywhere else

Very good product and quick delivery. A bit on expensive side but I was not disappointed. Great customer support who noticed I submitted two independent orders and refunded shipping for one. Loved that and this will most likely make me come back.

They look great! They look great on all the surfaces we chose, which includes glass, mirrors and interior paint.

Thank you!

Loved these and they are just what I was looking for. So far so good on the durability. But for the price it's been well worth it.

Thank You JoyAnnett for all of your help, your first class in my book.

Easy to apply, great quality, looks great!

Your custom designed lettering put a proper finish on this project for me. I had ordered a 'ready to use' kit to make this and did not like the cute phrase that was included for the ruler. Being able to use your website to plan the exact size I would be able to fit was great. I did knock off 1 point on shipping/packing because there was a crease in the decal, but did not adversely affect the project as I was able to smooth it out during application.

Excellent product. Easy to use, great price, awesome website. Best I have found! Thanks

This is the second time I've used your services and the second time I've been incredibly impressed. Easy to use website, fast delivery and very cost competitive; simply a great company to deal with. Thanks!

I just wanted to let you know that I could not be happier with the service, communication, and product quality I received when I purchased from Do It Yourself Lettering. I will look forward to ordering again from in the future!

Loved the service, the product and the results! I'll definitely use them again on my next project.

The initial order was processed in record time by DIY Lettering but USPS lost it (tracking never changed after item was picked up). Once I contacted DIY Lettering to let them know they immediately processed a replacement order with no question and shipped it out via UPS, all within 24 hours. Absolutely stunning customer service, I've only ordered once but you've got a customer for life.


Y'all are fantastic!

They Worked Great and I loved the ability to do so much customization to Font and Angle etc. I have very shaky hands and am not good at making straight lines, but with the Double Tape of the Stickers and the instructions the application of the letters was really easy and looks super professional

Thank you for a great product at a great price. Others have asked us "who did your lettering"? When we say "we did it ourselves" people are amazed. So easy to install and it looks great.

While the lettering looks good stand-off, there are far too many bubbles and wrinkles. I've applied vinyl lettering before but never had this much difficulty, even using a wet application. Stuck to the release paper too often. Sure would like a second chance.

This company does exactly what it says they will do. I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone for any purpose. The product is an amazing value for the money. I shall do business here again!

Nice product.

This is the second van we have done. I couldn't be happier. Two thumbs up

I could not be more pleased! From the quality of the image, to the prompt service and delivery, and cost, you were FANTASTIC!! I was so pleased I recommended you to my local graphic reproduction company. They couldn't do for twice the price, and three times the timeframe, what you did.