Review for: Vehicle Lettering


Wally Johnson

I did do this myself about a year ago and I didn't do a good job,so I had some time this spring and wanted some help.So I e mailed customer service and explained the problem a man Goshen Holmes got back to me in a short period of time and explained the problem with my job in a nice way.I new my job looked like crap.He said let me design something for you and Ill send you a draft.He did and the draft was perfect.(I should have called the first time )Iam going to send pictures of my job and then Goshen`s design.Please take notice of the color ,on your color chart there was only 2 colors that would come sort of close to the roll bar on the tow truck.One was pink and the other was fuchsia. Goshen said he would try to color match the roll bar.We do it with paint all the time,were still scratching our heads on this one.How in the hell is he going to do this? Well he did it..Close to perfect.When we got the lettering I said lets re paint the doors,we did and then did the lettering later.Goshen did everything but put the lettering on for us.Iam sending the pics of my job a year ago and Goshens job.Thats pretty much it.