Review for: Vehicle Lettering


Claude Rioual Twisted Ermine Art Simsbury Connecticut

This Surly, Long Haul Trucker has been customized as a tribute to the Grateful Dead's song, Truckin'. Lyrics from the song are along the head tube as well as the chain stays. The turtles, as well as the name, Terrapin Trucker are a reference to the Dead's album Terrapin Station and the model name of the bike, the Long Haul Trucker. The bicycle will be ridden cross country in May of 2014 and the turtles serve as a reminder that the tortoise won the race by being slow and steady. I want to thank all those involved at DIY Lettering and Graphics for all their help, especially Goshen who went above and beyond anything I could or would have expected and also to Tony for his rapid responses to my emails. The product and services are excellent. I was able to discuss my needs with a knowledgeable person and received my graphics and lettering a few days later.