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Lettering antique fire truck
George McEvoy, Boothbay Harbor, ME

Here at the Boothbay Railway Museum, we have an old, unrestored fire engine sitting beside our fire station which was donated many years ago. Since the children really enjoy sitting at the steering wheel and having their picture taken we painted it up and lettered it with your products, with which we are very pleased! Designing was simple and the shipping was very fast!

Making custom ornaments. I have other projects I will be doing that I will need to order more custom lettering. Custom model cars that will need graphics.
Mike, Halifax, MA

So far these letters have been great. I was concerned about the size I had made, not being able to remove and apply without some difficulties. That was not the case, I had no problems. I will be ordering from you again soon.

Company vehicles
MCM Design, Ltd, Columbus, Ohio

Everything was as expected.

Truck lettering
Michael, Prairieville, LA USA

Great product

Just purchased a truck. As an author I turned it into my marque... Did my Jeep 10 years ago .. all decals from this awesome site. They are still on the jeep... sadly.. I dold it for the truck. My new gal..7 in
Jeff Wright, Some-City, USA

As an author... I love turning my vehicles into fabulous marques. The jeep decals were purchase 10 years ago... Love this company.. great decals... fast service and no better place to shop.

I live on a busy corner in the middle of the neighborhood and this sign gets seen by about 100 cars each day.
David Conley, Vise-President, Princeton Halls / Westover Civic League, Chesapeake, VA

I was impressed by the process. I expected to have to align and space all of the letters by myself. Your double release process made transferring to the final surface very easy.

I got a new trash and recycling truck and needed to put Co. name and other things on it.
Ron DeFrain, Bloomsburg, PA

Easy to order, shipped fast and was easy to put on my truck. I missed a few things on my first order and made a second one and they put them together and refunded my shipping cost!

My race car
JimBo, Novato, CA, USA

Will use you again

My car, Anders!

The color was exactly what I wanted!! Very easy to apply the stickers, came out nice and even, no bubbles :) when Anders dies, I will order another sticker set for my new car!

Business Logo For Truck
Paul Tuoni, Owner/Operator, In*Out Construction

Love the Quality

Lettering for our mini pickup farm truck.
Mark R Jones, Fountain Inn, SC, USA

Application of the vinyl lettering was simple. A few measurements to properly align on both doors and cutting smaller sections to make it simple worked for me.

Put the name of our car on it.
Lon C, OKC, OK

Several weeks we purchased a Volvo C70 convertible in Ft. Worth, TX. Driving it back home to Oklahoma City, the song "Lola" by The Kinks came on. There's a verse in it where it goes "she looks like a woman but talks like a man". Immediately, a light came on in my head and thought "Lola" would be the perfect name for our car (we always name our cars!). The lines of the car are very feminine and lady-like but the motor has a deep growl to it when she's accelerating. The font that I picked out for the car really matches her and looks great on her.

I ordered names to put on our golf cart.
Lolli, Alabama

Good quality vinyl. Easy to apply.

Small ice cream cart business in our neighborhood.
George, Grand Island, FL

Timely delivery. Easy to follow directions for application.

My truck
Kevin Dobbins

Simply the best, easy application.

Ordered 2 sets of letters for our 2 show cars, to dress up the engine compartment of each.
Paul, Sierra Vista, AZ

Placed order and was notified (very nice!) that they were waiting for a few of the letters, so it would be a bit longer to ship. I informed them I would wait and was extremely pleased with the order when we received them. If the need arises I will order again! Great product, great customer service!

Car windshield decal
Cody, Chicago, USA

Great graphic. Easy to design. And easy to apply.

For truck
Maureen, New City, NY


On my back window of my vehicle
Candy Girl, South Dakota, USA

I loved it! Thanks!!

Sticker for my late mothers name..
Mark Lindstrom, Milwaukee, WI

Turned out great

Automotive Car Club Display
Infamous_S15, Florida, USA

Easy to use website, fast shipping, received exactly as expected!!

Company Car
MBS Automotive, Northbrook, IL USA


Identification on side of tractor trailer
Mark Barrett, Barstow, CA

Company name and address were ordered last year. Truck and trailer numbers were added just recently.

Truck lettering for a new business
Dan Benson, Batavia, IL

Having just retired from the printing industry I had the file ready to go. Colors and size were perfect, shipped out fast! Thanks

I wanted to give my Yakima Space Booster 11 cargo box a fresh look. So I broke down the hardware, primed, painted it... actually made it look like space & re-branded the sides with it's original name. It has an updated appearance, without it's original fonts I did my best.
Jorge, Portland, OR

The packaging shows it was done intentionally to protect the decals. The decals themselves were bright & crisp. They are sticking to the project as well as they should. The site was easy to use & create with. Order processing & delivery was very quick.

Truck door
Marvin Gore, Dallas, Texas

One of the feathers tore on one door is seems to have layed down but imagine won’t last long with cars washes, other than that is a great logo sticker thanks

I used my lettering for my Car Club, for an upcoming car show.
Hector Rosado, Clase Alta Motorsports, Utica, NY

Amazing price, awesome customer service, great quality. The shipping is very fast and I am very happy with the product. I will be recommending them to everyone!

For my service vehicle, hoping for a discount offer so I can add lettering to my service trailer
Mobile Guy RV Repair, Benton City, WA

Look for my next of many orders.

Truck decal - back window.
A very happy customer

After looking online at a few different custom decal companies, I found DIY Lettering. Hands down, DIY had the greatest selection for fonts, sizes, colors, add-ons, customization for lettering, such as shadows, and more. The process itself was fast, easy, the price was affordable and a quick turnaround for shipping too. However, the customer service is the most important part to me in regards to this review for DIY Lettering. Shawn, a member of the team for customer care helped show why DIY Lettering will absolutely get my business again in the future. When ordering my decal, I selected the wrong color but did not realize my error until I received my order in the mail. Within 10 minutes of emailing the customer care team (after 1700 on a Thursday) asking if I would be able to send my decal back and exchange it for the same one, but in a different color, Shawn informed me they could not exchange my decal as each one is cut special for each order, but they could send me a complimentary decal for my business with them. Shawn informed me of this on a Thursday evening. By the following Monday, the new decal was at my door. This mistake was my own mistake, but DIY Lettering cares more about their customer's happiness and business. I will be absolutely be coming back for future business and telling friends to come here as well! Shawn and DIY Lettering thank you for a great experience! Cheers!

I've installed vinyl lettering on all my company vehicles for years using ... I switched to DIY for the added design features. TOTAL TRASH!!!! Way thinner than other products, bubbles everywhere, tore apart when removing paper... I've used a lot of vinyl products and these are garbage. Tore the 2 I put on back off and threw them in the garbage!! I have the rest to return, hopefully for a refund. Otherwise this company is getting blasted online.
Nathan Wilson

I've installed vinyl lettering on all my company vehicles for years using ... I switched to DIY for the added design features. TOTAL TRASH!!!! Way thinner than other products, bubbles everywhere, tore apart when removing paper... I've used a lot of vinyl products and these are garbage. Tore the 2 I put on back off and threw them in the garbage!! I have the rest to return, hopefully for a refund. Otherwise, this company is getting blasted online.

business name on the company car
Joe Fischetti, MDSG, LLC, La Verne, CA

Good quality product - very easy to apply

Business truck
Larry Greenville, NC

Thanks for a great product that was easy to apply.