Testimonial for: Vinyl Lettering

Car Window Decals

“I was very pleased with the vinyl lettering I purchased from Do-it-yourself lettering. The first one I received I tried to do using the dry method and it was a disaster and totally my fault. A decal the size of the back window of a pickup is too big for the dry method of application, especially for one person. Do-it-yourself lettering honored their guarantee and sent a second decal at no cost to me, unheard of with any other company I have ever dealt with. The second decal I applied using the wet method and it came out superb. Couldn't be better if a professional lettering company did it. I would certainly recommend this product to a friend, and I will purchase all of my vinyl lettering needs from Do-it-yourself lettering.”

Owner, Custom Wood Creations, Lawton, OK

  • Vinyl Lettering Use: advertising my custom furniture business.
  • Vinyl Lettering Style: Brody

Aug 2012