About Vinyl Lettering

Pre-Spaced vinyl lettering with masking transfer tape on top.
Individual letters with transfer tape
Simply install in one piece, then remove the transfer tape.
Remove transfer tape to leave just the letters

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Self-Adhesive Vinyl Lettering and Decals for Vehicles

Our self-adhesive vinyl lettering works great on cars, trucks, vans or any other smooth vehicle surface. It comes pre-spaced and is easy to install. We can also make custom decals with your logo or graphic.

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Performance Guarantees

“ We promise to always stick to our core values of Honesty, Integrity, Fairness and Trustworthiness. We promise to always treat our customers the way we would want to be treated, be on time, do what we say, go the extra mile, and strive for perfection in everything that we do. ”

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“ We guarantee you can install our vinyl vehicle lettering yourself. If you have any problems installing our vinyl lettering, we will promptly ship your a replacement at no charge, no questions asked. ”
“ Our vehicle lettering has awesome long-term outdoor durability. We warranty our lettering to look great for many years. ”

Here are some testimonials from our vehicle lettering customers:

  • Custom Dump Truck Lettering

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Truck decal

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Okay

  • Vinyl Bus Lettering

    -Steve B New Dimensions Charter School Morganton, NC

    Vinyl Lettering Use: School Bus

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Cambria

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

    Always concerned when it comes to a smooth application of a vinyl product on a metal surface. However, the DIY lettering went on easily and looks hand lettered.

    -Series IIA Land Rover Santa Fe, New Mexico

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Classic car display sign for shows.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Baskerville Old Face

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

    The website was very easy to navigate, it was nice to be able to pick a few different fonts and be able to see what your own text looked like in that font. I placed my order and recieved the package in the time stated. It was easy to apply, just as they said. I started with the small lettering first, I got a little over confident when appling the larger lettering and got some air bubbles, but I was able to work those out. They have a great websitre, great service and great product. A++ company. I highly recommend them.

    -Steve M Santa Clarita, CA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I used the lettering for my company truck.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Tango

  • Vinyl Vehicle LetteringVinyl Vehicle Lettering

    -RUMBLER Old Forge,PA

    Vinyl Lettering Use:

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Action Force

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

    It's exactly what I wanted and it was simple to get on my back window!

    -Sarah Grand Junction, CO

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Business website lettering for my vehicle!

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Caflisch Script Pro

  • Custom Car Window Lettering

    High quality decal!

    -Dan Murphy, Bethlehem, NH

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Personal car

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Action Force

  • Custom Van Decals

    I like it a lot, now I need them for the sides

    -Bob Hall, Victoria, Tx

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Company van

  • Custom ATV Vinyl Lettering

    Overall I was very impressed with the ease of making my own letters for a project I undertook. The website allowed me to design the letters for my project very easily and I was very satisfied with the timely fashion they were delivered in as well as the product itself. Also liked how I received follow up from the company..thank you!

    -Mark, North Branford, CT

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Lettered an ATV

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Alias

  • Dune Buggy Decals

    Looks great, went on easy, could not be happier with the product!

    -Rory Retterer, Marion, Ohio

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Dune Buggy

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Char Broiled

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

    Amazing Service! I messed the first decal up horribly! I emailed them after the close of business on Friday. Monday morning I had an email telling me that they would send me another for free, free shipping as well unless I needed it overnight. I was so impressed! Then just a few hours later I got another email saying it had already shipped!!! Very great service! I will not waste my time going anywhere else the next time I need a decal! Thank you diylettering.com!

    -Cristy Carter, Mississippi, www.ThereForOurKids.com

    Vinyl Lettering Use: An ad on the back windshield of my car

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Tiffany

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

    -Jason, New Orleans LA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Tailgate on pickup.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Alias

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

    Super fast shipping and what a great finished product. The lettering was so easy to install too!

    -Tracy, Melbourne Beach Fl

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Advertising my website on my automobile.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Zipty Do

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

    Excellent product and service. Website to design is easy and well organized.

    -Mike Baker, Long Beach, CA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Car window to advertise my son's college lacrosse team and my pride.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Chiller

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

    -Eric, Reno, NV

    Vinyl Lettering Use: For the racetrack. I was tired of using painters tape to make the numbers.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Arrus

  • Vinyl Jeep Lettering

    - Tampa, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Place on vehicle

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Rubber Stamp

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering

    Lettering came out perfect. I had to measure and re-measure because I put the lettering on my brand new Jeep and I wanted it to look good. It surpassed my expectations and looks outstanding!

    -JAHII Clarkston, MI

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Name of new Jeep on both sides of hood.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Bolt

  • Vinyl Vehicle Lettering


    Vinyl Lettering Use: To promote mine and a friend's fabrication business.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Gargoyles

  • Vinyl Vehicle Decal

    I've used DIY for several projects and I I think that they've done a great job on each and every one of them.


    Vinyl Lettering Use: Advertising my non-profit website.

  • Custom Vinyl Car Lettering

    Easy to do!

    -Bill, Trinity, Florida

    Vinyl Lettering Use: To advertise my business

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Englische Script

  • Custom Car Window Decal

    Excellent company, good web page, easy to use and quick shipping....thanks!

    -David, Sedalia, Mo.

    Vinyl Lettering Use: sun shield on my wife's new Hyundai

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Aachen

  • Custom Patrol Car Lettering

    Always there in a pinch! Had the new vehicle outfitted with equipment for patrol, a local company quoted a week for graphics had them in 3 days from you. THANKS!!!

    -Lt. James Stant Kiowa Public Safety Maryland

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Public safety patrol cars

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Batman Forever

  • Custom Art Van Lettering

    Easy to install! Great choice of type styles.

    -Libby Hodges, Arty Van Gogh, Mobile Art Studio

    Vinyl Lettering Use: School Bus conversion

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Gigi

  • Custom Ministry Truck Lettering

    The finished product is very nice and shows up from a distance very nicely.

    -Life Passage Ministries, Merrill, Oregon

    Vinyl Lettering Use: To advertise our ministry on the canopy of the ministry truck

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Times New Roman

  • Custom Compact Car Decals

    I love this company's excellent products and impeccable customer service. I promise you, the decals are so easy to install! I love how it gave my car a custom look. Loads of compliments. People asked me if it was painted on, it looked just that nice.

    -Goldie, Georgia USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Custom auto lettering decal

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Amazone

  • Custom Family Car Decals

    I am so happy with this product! It went on so easily; it was idiot proof! My only complaint now is that my stick figure family decals look so chintzy next to the higher quality lettering. Thank you very much; I will be ordering from you again!

    -Liz Perez, New Jersey

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Adding text to stick figure 'family' on my car.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Cheri Liney

  • Custom Truck Lettering

    Customer service does not get any better than this. I messed one letter up, and they replaced the whole piece! Very Happy Customer!

    -Ted's Electric Service, Merritt Island, Florida

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Company truck decals

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Brush Script

  • Custom Vinyl Truck Letters

    -Roman, Santa Clara, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: my truck

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Traditional Arabic

  • Custom Car Bumper Lettering

    Awesome product, easy application! I installed it a tad crooked, but it still looks sweet! Live rich people!

    -Josh Rogers, Collinsville, IL, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Business Promotion on vehicle

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Aachen

  • Custom Car Window Advertisement Lettering

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Advertisement

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Microgramma

  • Airstream Trailer Lettering

    -Tim Slaven, Glen Allen, VA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Airstream Travel Air

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Pristina

  • Custom Truck Lettering

    Very nice fast shipment reasonable price will definatley use again thanks

    -Bill Crib, Philadelphia, PA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Advertising a small bussiness

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Arrus

  • Custom Hummer Window Decal

    Great product. I have already had 2 people call about my services just from the lettering. Thank you.

    -Jonathan A. Eubanks, Columbus, Ohio

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I put my company website and services on my Hummer.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Century Gothic

  • Custom Race Car Lettering

    -Robert Mitchell, NSF Racing

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Race car.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Batman Forever

  • Back of TruckLeft Side of Truck
    Front of TruckRight Side of Truck

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Business truck

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Arial Black

  • Car Rear Window Advertising

    The website was really easy to use. I liked all the different layout options and styles of fonts to choose from. I checked multiple websites and this one was the cheapest. I recieved an email the same day saying it was already manufactured and was being shipped with a tracking number. It arrived in my mailbox only four days later. It was a little tricky to install on the car window but only because I had never done one before. My wife and I worked together and it looks great.

    -Matt Barnes, Jacksonville, FL

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I made a custom logo with a number for our buisness on the back window of my car.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Alias

  • Vehicle Business Advertising


    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Vehicle

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Arial Black

  • Rear Van Window Lettering

    Order process was very simple... Even though I made an error in my installation, you guys were great in getting me a free replacement... THANKS SO MUCH!

    -Ron Ehrlich, Tucson, AZ

    Vinyl Lettering Use: My home theater installation company van.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Compacta

  • Engine Lettering

    Great service, Quality product. A++++++

    -Robert Geyer, Stamford, CT

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Show car

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Adventure

  • Rear Car Window Advertisement

    Great product, easy to install and quick turnaround.

    -Jerry, Lexington KY

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I opened a new online business, and needed to advertise.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Monotype Corsiva

  • Car Hood Lettering

    Great product. Just what I needed. I will order again. Thanks

    -Greg Vernon, Oklahoma

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Under hood lettering on a car

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Palette

  • Mini Cooper Lettering

    Do It Yourself Lettering is one of the fastest companies I've done business with in regards to production and shipping. Best in email response and great quality. Prices are also a great deal. I highly recommend this company.

    -Douglas, Richmond, VA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Added to side graphics on car.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Borg 9

  • Jeep Lettering

    I replaced the grey lettering on my Jeep with black lettering and I found the "4.0L" and the "JEEP" decals, but I could not find the "UNLIMITED" decal any where untill I found your website and you had a perfect match...Thanks!

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Replacement lettering on the side of my Jeep.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Action Force

  • Company Advertising on Car

    The lettering looked great and easy to apply.

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I have a start up company and I wanted to advertise on my car.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Benguiat

  • Car Window Lettering

    We were absolutely thrilled to get our lettering! It looks great, was easy to install and came exactly as it appeared on the site. Shipping time was excellent and customer service prompt and courteous. We will definitely use this company again and recommend to others. Thank you!

    -Tom & Alice, ALTO Networks Inc., New York

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Product was used for marketing. We placed the lettering on our company vehicle.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Flash

  • Country Girl Truck

    Love it, it was super easy to put on and I received it within four days of ordering.

    -Nikki , NJ

    Vinyl Lettering Use: The windshield of silverado 2500.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Mobsters

  • Car Window Text

    I was so excited to get home and put this on. It came out EXACTLY how I wanted. Was very easy to install (took less than 15 minutes). I am completely satisfied. I will order from Do It Yourself Lettering again. I couldn't be happier to provide a photo of the lettering. I will send more pictures in better light as to serve it justice. :0)

    -Jessica, Citrus Springs, FL

    Vinyl Lettering Use: The back window of my SUV.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Love and Passion

  • Grill Lettering

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Wife's Christmas Gift I bought for her..

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Airsteam

  • Dog Vehicle

    -Frank Morra, Washington DC

    Vinyl Lettering Use: My dog (Daisy) perches on the back seat of my PT Cruiser. She is my "Tail" Gunner.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Bertram

  • Window Text

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I put the lettering on the back window of my truck.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Batman Forever


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