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  • Lettering for a signLettering for a sign

    “The letters came out perfect and when I initially messed up the order - their customer service was so sweet and helpful in helping me get what I needed. I will send another picture of it hanging at the party in March!!!”

    -Stephanie D., Roseland, NJ

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I designed a marquee sign for a broadway themed bat mitzvah

    Nov 2009
  • Lettering on a bike

    “Thanks so much for the lettering, I really enjoyed placing it on my bicycle, and it looks really great!”

    -Bill Olsen, West Haven, CT

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I used it to put the words "WILD BILL" on the back of my racing bicycle.

    Nov 2009
  • Custom Decals on a Bike

    “I wanted to have my son's name on his number plate and wanted it to match some numbers I already had. DIY Lettering did a perfect job.”

    -DC, Long Island, NY

    Vinyl Lettering Use: BMX number plate

    Nov 2009
  • Mini-Helmet DecalsMini-Helmet Decals

    “They look great! I plan on creating a few more decals in the future.”

    -Casey Tierney, Colleyville, TX

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I created decals for my NFL and College Mini-Helmet collection.

    Nov 2009
  • Lettering on back of a vehicle

    “I will use you again!”

    -James Barbaro, Greene,NY.

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Van Window advertising

    Nov 2009
  • Lettering on a Boat

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Boat name

    Nov 2009
  • BeforeAfterComplete

    “The stickers looked great & applied perfectly! DIY helped me build my graphics within their parameters, and the project came out great.”

    -Aaron, Saint Joseph, MO

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Gas pump face

    Nov 2009
  • Decal on a Door

    “Very fast delivery. ”

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Door sign

    Nov 2009
  • Lettering on a sign

    “turned out great, very happy with outcome. have seen signs like this for upwards to $45. I made it myself for way less!!!!”

    -A. Wallace, Farmington, MN , USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: personalized sign

    Nov 2009
  • “I was very happy with the promptness I received my order. The lettering was exactly what I needed.”

    -Lisa, Duncanville, TX

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Crafting project

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Bell

    Nov 2009
  • “Quality vinyl lettering. Colors were exactly to my expectations and perfectly matched. I get lots of comments and smiles from other folks and family.”

    -Mr Breeze, Dutchess Co., USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Rear tailgate window

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Kids

    Nov 2009
  • Lettering on a car

    “The ability to create sign was very enjoyable. It is very nice to have tool that allows to improvise and see results on the spot.”

    -Birute, L Angeles CA,

    Vinyl Lettering Use: I used to put it on my car.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Monotype Corsiva

    Nov 2009
  • Trailer Decals

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Cargo trailer that we use as a toy hauler.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Slipstream

    Nov 2009
  • Lettering on a Boat

    “Great interface on the web site. One suggestion would be to make the USCG lettering requirements more prominent. Customer service? I can only assume it was as good as the web site. I didn't need it. Everything was self-explanatory. ”

    -Brian Bolt, Durham, NC. USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Transom of a sailing yacht.

    Nov 2009
  • Custom DecalsCustom Decals

    “Came in a very timely manner, was cost-effective for my project, and worked out very well. ”

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Customize my Jeep.

    Nov 2009
  • Lettering on a Horse Trailer

    -Pam Ruehmann, Sacramento, CA USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Horse trailer

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Arial Rounded

    Nov 2009
  • Vehicle Lettering

    “The product was very affordable and came in a timely manner. I am very happy with the end product.”

    -Jeni, MN

    Vinyl Lettering Use: We are starting a sober cab business in our area so we put it on our van for advertisement.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Rockwell Condensed

    Oct 2009
  • Lettering on a Travel TrailerLettering on a Travel Trailer

    “Great service! People thought it was painted on!”

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Our Travel Trailer.

    Oct 2009
  • Lettering on a car

    “Very easy to use, and cost effective....and I get loads of work from my little stickers on my car. I Love them and plan to order more. I want to make them BIGGER! Thanks for a great site... ”

    -Marcy Massura,, Orange County, CA 92886

    Vinyl Lettering Use: To advertise my website on the back of my car.

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Amazone

    Oct 2009
  • Registration Numbers

    -Anonymous, Some-City, USA

    Vinyl Lettering Use: Sail boat registration

    Vinyl Lettering Style: Arial Rounded

    Oct 2009

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