Let us design your custom vinyl lettering for you. Just let us know what you're looking for and we'll be glad to give you a quote.

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Use the form on the right below to request a quote for custom vinyl lettering. We'd be glad to help you with the lettering designs. Here's some useful information about submitting your request:

Sizing and Installation Area

We'll need to know what size the lettering needs to be for an accurate price quote.

Usually the best thing to do is give us the total size of the area you'd like the lettering to fill. Just the width is fine if the height doesn't matter. You can also let us know what size you would like the letters to be or ask for a suggestion on the size if you let us know the size of the surface you're installing them to.

Font Styles

You can select one of our font styles listed on the form. We do have more fonts than are listed on the form. If you let us know the name of the font you'd like to use we may have it. You can also upload your own font.

Uploading Files / Formats

We can work with most graphic and logo files in any format. AI, EPS, and PDF file formats usually work best. You can upload as many files as you like.

Vector files typically do not require much setup time and can be used without many changes. We can also use raster (bitmap) images which typically need to be re-made in vector before they can be produced on the adhesive vinyl. We provide this service for you and if there are any additional costs for graphic work we will let you know in your quote.

Raster vs. Vector

Raster images are made up of pixels that become blurry or pixelated when enlarged. Vector graphics are made up of mathematical shapes that retain their crisp edges at any size. See the example below:

Popular graphic design programs for vector graphics are Illustrator and CorelDraw. Programs like Photoshop produce raster images.

Have ready artwork?

If you already have finished artwork and don't need help with your design, submit a ready artwork request here.


Customer Testimonial Picture

“Brad allowed me to upload the font I wanted to use for my project and he did a wonderful job sizing it. The customer service he gave me was extremely personalized and way above and beyond the call of duty!”

-Linda Zillich, Roscommon, MI, USA

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